Custom Cornhole Board Builder Help


Board Designer Interface

Below are the commands that you can perform by clicking on the respective buttons. Please refer to the image to see the placement for each button.

Cornhole Board Builder Interface Guide

1. Save – Allows you to save your design to the web for later use. You will be able to click on ‘load saved designs’ to view your saved designs. Designs are saved by cookies, and are only stored temporarily.

2. & 3. Undo & Redo – Allows you to undo a change, or re-do a change. Some settings are lost such as text changes, so please be careful.

4. Load Saved Designs – This will allow you to load in saved designs from the web. Saved designs are stored temporarily.

5. Download Design – This will let you download your design as .jpg, .png, or .pdf. If you want more than one board designed, you can save each board individual and then e-mail us the designs as attachments.

6. Print Design – allows you to print your design.

7. Upload Images – You will be able to upload .jpg and .png images. Image sizes must be small (less than 200kb) for web use only. If you upload logo files, you will need to send us the logo files at print resolution size.

8. Add Text – allows you to add and modify text on your cornhole board.



Board Color Choices

Each board is different, so the options presented on the screenshot below may change depending on the product. For example, a triangle with trim board is different than a single stripe board. Some board designs will allow you to have a wood finish, while others will only support colors.

There is a top bar that tells you what section of the board you have selected. By default, the ‘backing’ of the board is selected first. You can click on the title of each color section to choose each individual color (or wood trim if supported). Your current selection will be highlighted by a dark-gray background.



Done Designing Your Board?

You can design as many boards as you want and save them. If you choose one board design, you can check out. If you want more than one board design, you can save and then upload that additional board design on the product page.

If you have included a logo, you will need to send us the large, print-resolution file. If you are unable to upload the logo, complete your purchase, and then send the logo attachment to us in an e-mail. Please include your order # for reference, and we’ll get your logo done right!