Other fun tailgating adventures.

Are you looking for activities while tailgating in addition to cornhole? Want some additional game ideas for the kids? Sometimes, it can be hard to get the kids involved in tailgating – You want them to be entertained and participate, but you don’t want them included in the adults’ drinking games, either! At, we offer some great tailgate games (in addition to our specialty) that are great for kids. After all, what better way is there to pregame but with another game?

One of our tailgate games, The Shut Box, is a fun, simple dice game that can even be used as a great learning tool for kids. We also sell Washer Toss, which is licensed by the NFL. It packs up easily so you can bring it to games and parties with ease. Both are also simple to play, so people of all ages can participate.

Need to add more variety to your collection of lawn games? Browse our collection at!